Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turning the Tables on Dinnertime - Kinderkookkafé

I've often heard that restaurants are the most difficult businesses to run. Well, if this is true, why, may I ask, is there a restaurant in Amsterdam that's completely staffed by CHILDREN? At Kinderkookkafé, kids ages five to twelve make the food, serve it, clean up, and bring you the check. It is literally child's play, and guess what? It's a huge success, to the point where you typically need a reservation to get a table.

Before you call child services, don't worry, the restaurant is also a legitimate daycare. There are a couple of grownups on the scene, helping the kids read recipes and making sure no boogers make it into your soup. Parents are typically the ones dining at Kinderkookkafé, but completely unrelated patrons are welcome as well. I know what you food snobs are thinking. Is there a decent grape juice list? You'll have to dine in to find out.

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