Sunday, November 2, 2014

Health Code, Shmealth Code - Japanese Cat Cafés

If you're the sort who likes a sprinkling of cat hair in your morning coffee (and, c'mon, who isn't), then the cat cafés of Tokyo may be your cup of tea. Cats literally roam these coffee shops, twining through the legs of customers, peering aggressively at their shoelaces, and generally being their intensely-cute selves. Patrons pay a cover fee to sip a hot beverage of choice while they play with the resident kitties.

There are many such cafés all over Tokyo, ranging from straightforward Starbucks types to more whimsically themed places such as Temari no Ouchi. The first cat café actually appeared in Taiwan, but has since been enthusiastically embraced by the Japanese - AND, in answer to my fervent prayers, cat cafés are scheduled to open all across the United States this year. Health codes were a pesky hindrance that delayed their existence in this country until now. So cat lovers of the U.S., rejoice. Or, if the idea of sharing your morning cuppa with a herd of cats creeps you out, then maybe this blog isn't really for you. Get outta here ... scat! Scram!

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