Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Seeing Pink - Lake Hillier

You know that fantasy that everyone has about diving into a pool of strawberry milk and just swimming and sipping, swimming and sipping ... no? Just me? OK, well lucky for me, there exists a lake on Middle Island, Western Australia, that resembles a pool of strawberry milk. Except that it's not strawberry milk at all, it's a body of super-pink salt water that probably wouldn't be very smart to drink (emphasis on "probably"). No one really knows why the lake is this color, but scientists think that it's the work of microalgae that live within the lake's salt crusts. MICROALGAE. Just when you thought algae couldn't get cuter.

Whatever the case, visitors aren't allowed to swim or boat in Lake Hillier. Which is probably a good thing, because otherwise I'd be forced to get over my intense fear of dingoes and book a trip to Oz immediately.

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