Monday, November 24, 2014

Annoyed With Someone? - Alnwick Poison Garden


Maybe your boss is a real jerk. Or maybe you're going through a not-so-amicable divorce. Incidentally, there exists in Alnwick, England, a public botanical garden that features an exhibit of more than a hundred species of lovingly cultivated and displayed poisonous plants. To appease my legal team, I must state, unequivocally, that poisonous plants are not the answer to your problems ... even though they're fairly easy to obtain and largely undetectable in the system once ingested. But again, NOT THE ANSWER. Let's move on.

So this poison garden is the real deal. All the plants within it have the ability to harm, with the worst offenders being actual killers. The gardeners who work here wear gloves, and visitors are only allowed in as part of a tour group. Otherwise the gates to the garden are kept locked. Because some of you look like you can't be trusted.

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