Monday, October 27, 2014

Got Vertigo? - Rock of Guatapé

Elevators are for wusses. Real vacationers climb stairs. At least that's what the tourism board of Antioquia, Colombia, is banking on. The town's Rock of Guatapé, a 10-million ton, 200-meter tall rock is its biggest (snicker) attraction, and those who wish to reach the top must climb up 649 steps. It's 649 steps with an awesome view, but still 649 steps. Maybe stretch a little first.

Lucky for you, there are vendors at the summit selling snacks and beers. Because the wisest thing to do before descending a massive outdoor stairwell is to throw back a few bottles of South American alcohol. I think I'll put off my visit until they decide to construct a revolving restaurant at the top. And maybe one of those motorized chairs that go up and down the handrail.

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