Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fairy Real Estate - Mackworth Island

So you don't believe in fairies? Silly grownup. Then explain to me why there's a whole island off the coast of Portland, Maine, that's covered with fairy houses. If fairies didn't exist, they wouldn't need houses, would they? That's some foolproof logic right there.

On Mackworth Island, which is accessed via a causeway from the city, visitors are encouraged to construct fairy houses for the island's mystical inhabitants. The island is literally covered in tiny homes. But before you rush out to Home Depot, here are the rules: All the building materials have to be natural items found on the island. So twigs, shells and leaves are ok. Pavers, granite countertops, and Terrazo flooring, not so much. Even with these building restrictions visitors have constructed some pretty awesome homes. I saw some pieces of real estate that I'd pay good money for. Except then I'd probably get into a bidding war with a fairy with deep pockets and likely lose out. Story of my life.

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