Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gnome Man's Land - Gnomesville

Love gnomes? What am I saying – who doesn’t? As far as creepy-yet-cute lawn ornaments go, gnomes definitely take the prize. They’re even cuter and creepier when they congregate in their own little village, the way they do in Gnomesville, Wellington Mill, Australia. Here you can view more than 3,000 gnomes that have been dropped off in the bush by visitors from around the world. Just don’t take a gnome with you – it’ll bring you bad luck until it’s returned to its home. Plus, kidnapping gnomes is kind of a jerk thing to do.
No one knows exactly how Gnomesville started, although there plenty are legends and folklore surrounding its origins (as there should be). Some say that the first gnome was placed there to protest a road that was being built in the area, while others think that it magically appeared all by itself. My money’s on the latter explanation. Considering the subject matter, it just makes more sense.  

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