Monday, May 25, 2015

You Should Be in Pictures - Trickeye Museum

If you've ever viewed the works of art at a museum and thought to yourself, "They're nice and all, but these paintings would be better if I were in them," then (a) you're crazy narcissistic, and (b) I know exactly where you need to go. The Trickeye Museum in Seoul, Korea, is full of trompe l'oeil artwork that you can insert yourself into. Clean up Van Gogh's "Bedroom." Pull down the pants on the guy in Munch's "The Scream." Give the Mona Lisa a sip of water through those pursed lips.

It's ridiculous, cheesy fun, and it might even inspire you to view artwork differently. Okay, it won't, but you'll at least get a laugh out of this place, and a few good selfies. I know. I'm signing up for an annual membership, too.

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