Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beach in a Hole - Playa del Amor


Beaches are meant for relaxing, but if you've ever fought the early-morning lounge chair-claiming wars at a resort, you know that sometimes they're anything but. That's why for your next vacation you need to set up your umbrella at a secret beach, like the Playa del Amor at the Marieta Islands in Mexico.

Playa del Amor is a beach with clear, blue waters and pristine sand that just happens to be located in a huge hole in the ground. According to locals, the gaping hole is the result of government bombing tests from the early 1900s, and nature has since taken over and turned it into a tropical paradise, accessible only by a water tunnel. So there you have it - a beach that only you and I know about. Just don't go opening your big mouth and we'll keep it that way.

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